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Bruce Georgian

Founder / Managing Director

Who We Are . . .

Since first incorporating in 1988 Wallace Associates has been dedicated to helping progressive firms with a priority on people to identify and hire the top talent in their industry. Our primary focus is on the information industry. We specialize and know the business like no one else. Key clients are technology research firms, and other research firms including medical, biotech and consumer research. We work with e- publishers, information aggregators, firms in copyright management, market data companies and software companies whose products manage content.

Our work is done on a retained basis. Positions we fill are C level, VP, some directors and some high level sales positions. Generally base salaries are between $100 and 250K. Much of our work is with entrepreneurial firms and medium size companies where our candidate can have a significant impact.

What We Do

We approach every search in a highly personalized and customized manner to meet the unique needs of each individual client, large or small, startup or established organization. We leverage our expertise to provide speed and value with a fee structure designed to meet your needs and obtain the best candidate in the shortest time possible.

If you work for an organization involved in commercial content and are interested in employment issues such as adding top professionals to your organization or learning about opportunities to enhance your career we’d like to be in touch with you. To join our network send us an email.

Years Experience

Where We Work

Wallace Associates geographic span is super-regional with most clients based in New England, New York, and the DC area. Positions we are filling may be anywhere in the US or occasionally Europe or Pacific Rim.

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